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Recent Updates:

Updated: Flatbeds Winch Script v0.7.0

  • New winching code. Vehicles no longer go forwards or backwards, the winch will actually pull it towards the truck
  •  Grabbable winch. Grab the winch and take it to whatever vehicle you want to winch. 
  • Added support for target scripts. By default supports qb-target 
  • Added option for LegacyMove that uses the previous car moving code 
  • Added auto-attach option to attach vehicle to bed when winched on 
  • Added EnableRopes which can be set to false to disable winch ropes completely
  •  Winch will now auto attach when disconnecting from bed 
  • Disabled detaching when bed is raised to prevent undesirable interaction with collisions 
  • Optimized code for less tick usage. ~0.04+-1 tick max while winching 
  • Fixed missing rope in build 3095 
  • Fixed unwind action Fixed other numerous bugs

Added: Trailer Connect Script

  • Connect any working hitch to any trailer
  • No meta editing required

Added: Standalone Bucket Script

  • Fully working arms / axis for vehicles
  • MP synced (with minor stuttering*)

Currently Supports:

Updated: Freeplace Trailer Script - v0.5.0

  • Markers and control prompts are back! Both can be individually toggled in the config. The prompt will display the correct key based on what you set in your keybindings. There is a performance consideration- as markers require looping, tick time will increase to 0.08 - 0.1 when in range of the marker
  •  A function to check for if the attached vehicle is locked (utils.lua) Use this function along with your keys script to return if the vehicle is locked so you won't just TP into a locked car on the trailer. If you don't need to use this, no edits need to be made.
  • A new control to connect ANY trailer to ANY truck! By default J will allow you to connect your truck to any trailer without needing to add it into the vehicle.meta. Holding H will detach the trailer as usual. No configuration is needed to make this work Note- the truck must have a working hitch for this to function (an attach node in the model) As always, download the lastest from your keymaster