Flatbeds w/winch


Package Description

► Load any vehicle onto the bed
► Bed can be controlled at box
► Working winch for moving bed trucks
► Load vehicles forward or backward
► Load destroyed vehicles
► Configurable bed speed
Standalone, works with any framework
► Supports target frameworks (qb-target by default)
► Includes Documentation for events / exports

Winch Features:
► Winch vehicles onto the tow bed
► Controlled from controller position
► Wind /unwind and attach vehicle without getting in

► Simple support for the vanilla flatbed- no rollback but you can attach / detach cars on the bed from behind
► Runs up to 0.09 while being used, 0.00-0.03 while idle
MTL Flatbed Tow Truck (flatbed3) is NOT supported 

Controls configurable via in-game keybindings menu:
E - At bed to attach / detach vehicle (useable in vehicle on bed as well)
Left Arrow - Attach, Wind winch
Right Arrow - Unwind winch
Up Arrow - Raise Bed (automatic, click once)
Down Arrow - Lower Bed (automatic, click once)
G - Remove Rope

Does not include the vehicles themselves

Standalone, no framework required. Package is encrypted with FiveM escrow.

[Outdated] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_Q2hKRnO6E&ab_channel=theebu

Free Supported trucks:

[GetHashKey('biftowmfd2')] = {
type = 'rolling',
boneName = 'misc_z',
hasBedControl = true,
MaxUnwindDistance = 10.0,
BedControl = {vector3(-1.8,-1.5,0.55),vector3(1.8,-1.5,0.55)},
unloadPos = {vector3(-2.0,-2.0,-0.55)},
carPosition = vector3(0.0, -0.1, 0.06),
carHeightOffset = 0.375,
winchBone = 'attach_male',
winchDistCheck = 5.0, -- How far from winchOffset to check for a vehicle
winchOffset = 5.0, --How far backwards from the winch bone to check from
MinPos = 0.00,
MaxPos = 0.25,
wheellift = 5