Trailer Connect


Package Description

Connect any trailer to any working hitch with the press of a button!

No more need to edit vehicle meta files to make your trailers work

You can also choose to whitelist or blacklist your setup:

  • Blacklist system to prevent certain trailers from being connectable to any vehicle besides the ones in vehicle meta
  • Whitelist system to control what vehicles and pull what trailers but all in one config (ball hitch, goose hitch, saddle hitch)

By default J will allow you to connect your truck to any trailer without needing to add it into the vehicle.meta. Holding H will detach the trailer as usual. No configuration is needed to make this work Note- the truck must have a working hitch for this to function (an attach node in the model)

This is the same system in the Freeplace Trailer script, however this includes the listing systems above. To use this alongside the Freeplace Script, set Config.UseExternalTrailerConnect to true in the Freeplace config.

Requires OneSync to be enabled

Standalone, no framework required. Package is encrypted with FiveM escrow.