Bucket Truck Script


Package Description

  • Fully working arms / axis for vehicles
  • MP synced (with minor stuttering*)
  • Config options for animations
  • Default controls:
    • Numpad Numbers for axis control
    • Numpad 5 for legs
    • Numpad / to move in & out of bucket
    • A/D to rotate ped in bucket
    • W to cycle animation in bucket


Two functions have been added for the bucket truck animation:

  • Lets you set the animation you want to use: TriggerEvent('ebu_sbucket:playBucketAnim', Dict, Anim) 
  • Resets the animation to the default: TriggerEvent('ebu_sbucket:resetBucketAnim')

Stuttering only occurs for players not controlling the bucket. Will see it snap into place instead of smooth motion

Standalone, no framework required. Package is encrypted with FiveM escrow.

ONLY works with these supported trucks:

112 Bucket Truck by MAOAM: 112 Bucket Truck V2