Freeplace Script


Package Description

► Load any vehicle or object on to any configured trailer
► Place vehicles wherever, however on the trailer's surface
► Vehicles and objects stay locked during transport
► Manipulate ramps & doors from outside the trailer. No need to sit in invisible seats
► Includes a config file with 30+ trailers pre-configured, allows for more trailers to be added
Standalone, works with any framework
A new control to connect ANY trailer to ANY truck! By default [J] will allow you to connect your truck to any trailer without needing to add it into the vehicles.meta
► Configurable markers & prompts for interactions
► Supports target frameworks (qb-target by default)
► Includes Documentation for events / exports

Default Controls:

E: Manipulate Ramp

G: Lock/unlock vehicle from trailer

F: Get into vehicle (warps ped in to driver)

Models are not included

Standalone, no framework required. Package is encrypted with FiveM escrow.