Drag Tree Script


Package Description

Drag race like never before!

Realistic drag tree with countdown lights! 

  • Fully synced between players using native game functions
  • Customizable delays
  • Place multiple trees that can run independently

Set the trees you want, the control point, and the distance check for  control

Objects spawn / de-spawn based on your player distance


For script control:

Server Events

Must be called from client via a player, OR supply a player's serverid. Only triggers the tree at the player's location if in range.

ebu_tree:server:prepLight - Sets the tree to Red, does not start countdown 

  • ex: TriggerServerEvent("ebu_tree:server:prepLight")
  • ex: TriggerServerEvent("ebu_tree:server:prepLight", 5)

ebu_tree:server:draglight - Starts countdown for tree

  • ex: TriggerServerEvent("ebu_tree:server:draglight")
  • ex: TriggerServerEvent("ebu_tree:server:draglight", 5)

Standalone, no framework required. Package is encrypted with FiveM escrow.