Radar Trailer Script


Package Description


  • Real-time radar speed display
  • Can set speed limit
  • Can set side it detects on
  • Runs ~0.01ms (idle) to 0.12ms (heavy traffic).



  • Requires radar trailer from Raz3r, available: https://www.patreon.com/posts/50472455 
  • You can only use ONE model at a time. If you spawn multiple of the same model name, they will all show the same speeds. If you want multiple trailers, duplicate the trailer resource and rename the model. 
  • Commands must be entered while FACING the trailer. Notifications will show to indicate the command worked. 
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY DO NOT RESTART THE SCRIPT IN A LIVE SERVER! This will cause the custom images to reload and multiple restarts cause increasingly severe texture loss. There is no way around this. When run normally, no issues. 
  • Does NOT support v2 trailers