Extras Toggler


Package Description


  • Set extra & door interaction points on specific vehicles 
  • Only usable outside the vehicle 
  • Configurable & toggleable animation 
  • Maintains damage values to prevent fix exploit (cosmetic body damage still fixes) 
  • Configurable command for non-defined vehicles (ex. /te 1 - toggles extra 1) 
  • Configurable command to show available extras and their state (ex. /ce shows extras in chat) 
  • Configurable command to show available liveries (ex. /chkl shows number of liveries in chat) 
  • Configurable command to change livery 

This one needs a little more detailed explanation. There are two halves to this script. First, you can configure specific vehicles to have interaction points to toggle extras. For example, a point on the bed that lets you toggle an extra in the bed. Instead of a command or menu, its a walk up and press 'E'. This can be set for both extras and doors. 

The second half is the generic command to toggle extras on cars you haven't explicitly defined in the config. By default, the command is /te [num] And if the extra exists, you'll play the animation and toggle the extra. If you don't know what extras exist, /ce will list the available extras and be green or red depending if they're on or off.

Liveries are also supported. By default, /chkl will display how many liveries exist and /setl [num] will set the livery. You may need to enter and exit the vehicle for it to display for others.

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